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Do you have to be physically present to take these review courses?  If not, is it helpful to take them in person?  I ask b/c I might take the NC BAR but I could live for free in SC.  Thanks. 


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Re: PMBR/BarBri
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Bar/Bri - no, you can do the IPOD course (you get all the lectures on IPOD, but have to pay a $500 or so deposit for the IPOD to be sure you return it).  The IPOD comes preloaded w/ all the lectures.  Sometimes Bar/Bri will host a "video" course for some areas. For example, in Atlanta, there's an actual NY class, which runs a few days behind the live classes in NY (they fedex recordings of the live lectures, and they play them on a TV in Atlanta).

PMBR - I *think* you have to take this as a live course, but it's for the multistate exam ONLY, so you can take it anywhere in the country and get the same results.  Problem you may have is if you're not living in an area where the PMBR course is offered.  If worse comes to worse, you can buy the book off of ebay or something.

Re: PMBR/BarBri
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PMBR is only a few days at a time (6 days in the beginning and 3 days at the end), so even if you have to travel to do it, it's still possible to participate.