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Author Topic: Anyone going to STU in the Fall 08 Term?  (Read 1899 times)


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Anyone going to STU in the Fall 08 Term?
« on: July 21, 2008, 02:18:44 PM »
Hello there!  I am a local kid so I know a lot about the campus and surrounding 'hood (No, I am not trying to sound cool, you can only describe Opa-Locka as Da Hood).  It is a good thing that STU has a closed campus, it is very safe and has a lot of green areas.  I believe that most students that live outside of campus live in Miami Lakes, I am leasing my apt in a couple of weeks,it is a very nice neighborhood about 4.5mi away or a 10-15 min drive depending on traffic.  If you play golf you're in luck since Miami Lakes is home to the Don Shula Golf Course and Hotel which I've heard is great.  It also has the Don Shula Steak House which is one of the Top 5 steakhouses in Miaim, plus its lots of Fun for football games and happy hours, which I'm sure we'll need! has a list of nice apartments, restaurants and other stuff you might need. If anyone has any questions about the campus, surrounding area or Miami in general, I'll be happy to reply.  Hope to meet any STU students, alumni or 1Ls. 
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