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book totin' question

Re: book totin' question
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Anyway, I'm not saying that I WILL NOT wear a dorky backpack if there really and truly is no feasible alternative.  I just would rather not if it can be avoided.  I'm also trying to avoid on the one hand buying an ugly bag I don't like only to find out that a better looking one would have served just as well, and on the other hand wasting money on a "hip" bag only to find that I have to go get some practical atrocity on wheels.

this, actually, is my problem
i'd much prefer not get a backpack.

really, though, how big a bag does one need?
do we really need 3000 cubic inches?

Well, I had a backpack AND a messenger bag this semester.  I had the Contracts book, the UCC, and the hornbook, plus my Torts book in the backpack with my laptop.  The messenger bag was just for Legal Practice (4 books, lots of handouts, and 35 printed cases).