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Any value in looking internationally for 2L summer?

Any value in looking internationally for 2L summer?
« on: July 16, 2008, 01:11:51 PM »
Or would that be a waste of time -- or perhaps a major risk?

I ask because for a couple reasons:

1. My 1L summer gig in IP research has morphed, for the time being, into one in market research, specifically on the worldwide demand for English instruction and the players in fostering that instruction on the Web (the company I work for is launching an ambitious Web start-up). In performing this work, I now realize that the BRIC world is coming on stronger than I previously imagined. This, I have to believe, means there is an awesome opportunity for the expansion of not only IP law, but also health and safety regulations and litigation, land use, anti-money laundering, public interest, criminal law (as urbanization increases and common sense erodes) and other specialties.

2. I'm in the middle class of my class (literally at the median) at my T3 in suburban New York City. While the proximity to the city and the growth out here in the sticks puts me in a pretty good spot, my underwhelming performance has me inclined to expand my search to cover broad terrain. Seems smart.

Any thoughts? 

Re: Any value in looking internationally for 2L summer?
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Any takers on this one?