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Soft Factors,

Soft Factors,
« on: July 15, 2008, 01:55:28 PM »
Im trying to make some moves to boost the resume a little bit in an effort to take the focus off of my mediocore grades.  I know Journal is a big plus and having your note published also looks fantastic.  I didnt make journal but was thinking about making the move and doing some writing work in newsletters, legal periodicals, newspapers etc, prob not going to spend months writing a law review article that will never get published.  Obviously depends on the quality of the publication but are these publications a waste of time or should I just try extra hard on tailoring cover letters and networking.
Advice is appreciated since I dont know what Im doing.

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Should you spend time writing a BS article for crappy newsletter of something noone is going to read, even if its for your school or a bar association or a trade publication, no one reads it.  You should have gotten good grades.  Spend time thinking of new people to ask for favors, and tape your resume to your forehead without the 'publication' line.


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Re: Soft Factors,
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Publishing in local newsletters or even the ABA section newsletters is a great way to boost your resume. Its more effective, I have found, if you can keep it all in a certain practice area to show you have a better than normal understanding of the area. A case note type review of a recent important case in your area is a good way to start. So are book reviews of recent legal books published in your practice area of interest. Once you have done a few of those you can move on to more in-depth stuff, just get your feet wet first.

Also while networking donít be afraid to ask people you meet if they have any ideas or things they would like to see written on. Iíve got a couple good ideas from these types of questions, one turned into a major LR article on an issue case that was just picked up on cert by SCOTUS (this can be good or bad for your article depending on how much the issue impacts your thesis).

Also donít forget about taking papers you write for seminar classes and trying to get them published. It often does not take much to turn these into LR articles. Let your prof know that is your intent and you will likely get some good feedback.

Also do a search on Academic Legal Writing or Scholarly legal writing on Amazon, there are two good books out there one by Volokh and one by Fajans on the subject which can be of some help in writing your LR type articles.

Good luck!