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help a brother out lol


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help a brother out lol
« on: July 14, 2008, 05:20:17 PM »

Re: help a brother out lol
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I think I have read every blog out there for months now trying to figure out my dilema. I have 2.9 undergrad gpa and I am planning to take the LSAT in 2 months. After thinking long and hard about it I have finally decided to go to law school. I am concerned about my low gpa. I was doing fine around 3.3 and was about to graduate from college with crju degree until I took a course in sociology. I loved the course and decided that I wanted to make it my second major. Not for a career but just cuz i thought i felt it made me a better person. So i really did not pay attention to the grades. Plus the last year and half of college I lost my grandma, my aunti, and also saw my childhood friend take his life infront of my eyes. Plus i was working part time and doing internship as well. Im not saying all this to get symphaty but i wanted to realisticaly figure out chances of going to a good law school. I am aiming 164 plus for the lsat.

So given my circumstances what kind of schools am i looking at? I do prefer a diverse school (my undergrad school was 95 percent white). I have no prob with it but being the one of the two black guys at every class gets old sumtimes lol. I know my gpa limits my selections, but I WILL GREATLY APPRECIATE ANY KIND OF ADVICE OR INPUT ANYONE CAN GIVE ME, AND WHERE YOU GOT YOUR INFO FROM. THANKYOU SO MUCH

honestly, we can't really help you until you have an lsat score.  You say you are aiming for a 164--have you taken multiple lsats (in real conditions) to see where you are testing at?  the lsat score you get will determine what school you can get into.  get a 168+ you may get into some lower t14 (169 to be safer though).  if you end up with a 160, that could change things dramatically (though a good chance for a t30/35 school).

Re: help a brother out lol
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