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I don't get it, why is this happening...


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I don't get it, why is this happening...
« on: July 13, 2008, 08:37:11 PM »
So the strangest thing is happening...after studying for like a month, I'm starting to get only about 3-2 questions wrong on ever section, EXPECT the freaking LR section(I miss like 8-9). I started out doing horrible on the games, but even that problem, SEEMS fixed, at least for now. But no matter what I do, the LR keeps tripping me up, I thought this was my strength, but as time goes on, this appears to be my weakness.

Are there any suggestions about how to better study the LR sections, because I'm getting kinda scared, if this problem does not get fixed by OCT? HELP!!

Re: I don't get it, why is this happening...
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2008, 09:06:09 PM »
Have you used the LR Bible?

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Re: I don't get it, why is this happening...
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2008, 10:28:28 PM »
Hi, just a comment to reinforce FatUncle's recommendation (whether you have the book or not).

I have recently been focusing on improving my LR score. I actually *just* got done with a practice test. I got 4 wrong on one LR & 10 (!) on the other. When I went back to check my wrong answers..of course some of them were mistakes from reading too quickly, but, more than not, it was from not being able to quickly apply the techniques from the bible.

I've seen it said more than once: you have to know the techniques and principles in the LRB like the back of your hand. You want to be able to visualize that section of the bible for a certain question type.

I noticed that many of the questions I got wrong were simply from not applying the right technique becuase I didnt correctly categorize the question..something I've already learned from the bible, but not 100%.

I'm around page 400 of my first read of the LRG Bible..and am really hoping that I will improve after I read it at least 3 times.

Also, just a note, since the book is quite long; I take notes & write things out in a notebook while studying it - just like I would when studying for a class.

I think some of the questions I got wrong are so unreasonable that it's really hard to not get discouraged with the test...but you have to maintain a positive attitude no matter what. A frustrated, unsettled test taker is prone to make mistakes (PS quote). I believe it.

Good luck!

EDIT: As for the subject of your post...I think it's happening because the LR section is DIFFICULT!! It's formulated to *exploit* any weakness you may have with reading comprehension/argumentation.

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Re: I don't get it, why is this happening...
« Reply #3 on: July 14, 2008, 06:57:29 AM »
gravity, baby.  it all about gravity.