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Transferring from T4 to T1. Is it worth it if going into public interest?

I'm currently enrolled in a T4 school in a state I am 98% sure I don't want to practice in.  I applied to 4 schools for transfer to keep my options open.  1 T2 school and 3 T1.  I heard from Wake and was accepted.  It will cost me about twice as much to attend Wake as my current law school, because of scholarship.  I may want to practice in NC (60% chance).  I went to law school due to some bad legal experience I had involving the death of a family member and am pretty sure I want to work as a prosecutor or something else public interest related.  However, I am keeping my options open. 

Do you think it's worth it to transfer to a T1 school in this type of situation.  I'm very active in my current school.  I just didn't know if going to a better school when I'm going to be pretty far in debt will be worth it if I know I'm likely to have a job that does not pay as much.  Anyone have any advice?

Do any of your T1s offer some kind of LRAP program?

Wake is not a national school, so if you aren't sure you want to practice in NC or one of the surrounding states, don't go there.

If you truly are committed to working in a lower paying public interest job, you need to take a serious look at your finances and decide if it is worth it for you. The better school may help you get a job post - grad, but you will have serious debt to deal with. Keep in mind many public interest employers do not hire until after you have passed the bar, i.e. until several months after graduation.

One thing to keep in mind is the College Cost Reduction Act passed by Congress. This is supposed to help law students in debt who are working in public service jobs but the regulations that detail how exactly it will work are not out yet.

If you change your mind about public interest and decide to work in the private sector, keep in mind you'll have to make a decision soon. Recruiting for many large and mid size law firms will take place as soon as you arrive at your new school.