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Studying Law?

Studying Law?
« on: July 13, 2008, 12:48:51 PM »
Alright, so I've always been interested in law, and I'm getting to the end of my degree here.  What I want to know is, with my stats, what my options would be?  I've talked to my undergrad advisors, but I want a more objective opinion.

I have a honours degree in philosophy from a good canadian school.  My average is around a B+; I've taken some practice LSAT's and scored decent.  I'm pretty confident that with studying and perhaps some guidance (LSAT program) I could achieve a good LSAT score.  However, I wouldn't put it any higher than 158-160 - I'm a pretty good student, but I'm not an 'A' student.  I get lots of A's in class, so I know I have potential, but they never materialized into an 'A'  GPA average.

Also, for what it's worth, I would have good letters of recommendation.  Moreover, I've had good work experience in a bank (I know that really doesn't matter).

I'm not looking to get into the best law schools, but I'm looking to go to law school.  Canada to me does not seem like the US in regards to school rankings.  To me, it doesn't really seem like going to U of T is a whole lot better then going to Alberta law school, or even Manitoba or something.  I'm interested in studying law and practicing it, not making loads of money as a corporate lawyer.

So what should I do?  Work at getting my GPA higher? (I haven't officially graduated yet) Work at getting a really good LSAT score?  What about a US law school?

I've thought about other graduate programs, like doing an MBA, which is easier to get into.  However, my real passion would be law.

I would appreciate any thoughts, help, insight!  Thanks!