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Help with soft factors

Help with soft factors
« on: July 13, 2008, 05:22:49 AM »

I'm planning on applying to a bunch of school for spring and fall and just had a couple of question.

I took the June LSAT and scored 155 (averaged 158 on prac tests). I plan on retaking it in October. I know my limitation and I know the highest I can score is around 162-163. My personal statement is pretty good (I hope), Iím just afraid of my soft factors. The three things I have are being a middle-school teacher in a low-income area with tons of ESL students, leading a research team to help improve working conditions for grape pickers in central California and I also coached a pee-wee football team.

I guess what I'm wondering is, just how strong are those factors? How much will they help?

I don't plan on applying to any of the top10 schools but I was wondering if someone could objectively tell me what my chances would be of getting into a top 25 or 50 school with my 3.61 GPA (UCLA), teaching credential w/ teaching experience, 162 lsat (gotta get studying) and all the rest of the stuff? I'm trying to work in the point that I lived in the former Soviet Union (think that'll help?). Cornell is my ultimate goal, possible?

I know that's a lot and I appreciate any help that anyone can provide.

Thank you and good luck to everyone else in getting into the schools you want.