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1L Casebooks For sale
« on: July 09, 2008, 09:17:24 PM »
Farber, Eskridge, and Frickey, Constitutional Law, 3rd Ed. 2003
I bought this one used, and it's not in great shape. Highlighting and notes. Good for anyone who wants to invest minimally in their con law book. But it's as good as when I bought it for $70 from the bookstore!
15 dollars plus shipping.

Subrin, Minow, Brodin, Main, Civil Procedure. Second ed. 2004.
Used book in good shape. Highlights and notes.
25 dollars plus shipping.

Rabin and Sugarman, TORTS STORIES, 2003.
Bought new and read one chapter during the semester. In excellent condition, no highlights.
8 dollars plus shipping.

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