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OBAMA a liar, vote for Nader if you want Change! List of Obama's Lies.

Experience means squat - no one has experience being the President other than the former Presidents

and Hillary Clinton

Patriotism is the last refuge of despots - it just distracts you from the issues.

Then why are democrats so afraid of anyone questioning their patriotism?

Oh, so wearing a pin means you are better suited to run a country?

Apparently since Obama started wearing his again.

Also, the republican party is estopped from trying to bolster its candidate with his military experience after they used Kerry's service to his own detriment against Bush who never served a day in his life and Cheney who had umpteen deferments.

And the democrats are estopped from trying to criticize an opponent for not having any military service... and the beat goes on.

Obama is less like Bush than McCain and is the better candidate on that basis alone.

Obama '08
I'm not Bush

PS. McCain sucks just as bad.  Where are we going and why are we in this handbasket?

Hillary has experience being first lady - good for her

No one is afraid of being questioned on their patriotism any more than they are afraid of being questioned about their height. but my point is dude, that patriotism is so far off the mark that it only serves as a distraction.  Who cares if you wear a pin!

I dont think anyone should care about military service unless it was at the highest levels and wasnt completely bungled

And if you are less like Bush than McCain, then you are a better candidate too

A couple of points, and then I really have to get back to work:

1) When you are commander-in-chief, Military service does matter. A lot different than being a corporate CEO.

2) Getting shot down over Vietnam doesn't mean your service was bungled. By that standard, any soldier or Marine who is killed totally bungled his service regardless of whether or not he was Dan Daily to start out with. (Dan Daily is one of the highest decorated Marines ever - google him)

3) You're sorta right about wearing a flag pin as not mattering whether or not you are a patriot. (I think its a rather ridiculous measure of patriotism)However, don't act like its not a big deal, and then turn around and wear one once the polls tell you that you should. And if people questioning your Patriotism isn't a big deal, then why make a big speech about how you can still be a patriot and not have served in the Military? (like Obama just did the other day)

4) I don't necessarily think that McCain is the best possible candidate for President. But, I think he does have the necessary experience, and I do think that he really has this country's best interest at heart. And he's not Bush either. He's not McSame or McBush like the crazy lefty's like to say. (Oh and Bush was a fighter pilot in the National Gaurd - kinda like being the "manager" of a football team - but he did know something about the military - which Obama knows absolutely zilch)

5) I started out as a Republican, but over the years, I've become more and more a Libertarian. And Obama is about as far away from a libertarian as you can get. I don't see the point in the government interfering in my life by telling me what I can and cannot do if the Constitution doesn't give them that authority or its not been a power they've had since the founding. Which also means that I don't want regulations on me, and I certainly don't want to pay taxes so other people can just slide by in life. I also believe in a free market. So no thank you Mr. Obama and your unions, and your higher taxes, and your "universal healthcare." Stay out of my life. Don't tell me what I can and can't do with my money, and don't try to restrict any of the liberties granted by the Constitution. (and I mean granted specifically - so don't legalize things that have never been legal too: aka Gay Marriage)

6) I refuse to vote for a Libertarian candidate again, so McCain it is.

7) And Julie, I really hope you can enlighten me on how I "know nothing."

Fair enough, but
1)  I really don't think military experience means anything unless it was at the highest level and not totally bungled.  Not that McCain bungled anything, but he didn't serve at the highest levels.  The military is predominantly about taking orders, not giving them. I just dont see how being able to follow a bunch of orders somehow prepares you for giving them. 

Also, being POTUS is more than being the head military commander.  It is about enforcing civil rights laws, ensuring fair elections, responding to domestic crisis, foreign diplomacy and affairs and national security.  The military is only part of the job and someone with an overly military perspective may be worse than better because of the potential for war mongering.  I bet if McCain was POTUS, he'd take us to war with another country.

2)  I think military service is an honorable thing, but the most decorated are not necessarily the most qualified to be the leaders of a civilian government.

3) I'm absolutely right about the flag pin.  However, the average American is so easily distracted by the Republican pandering to patriotism, Obama has to respond or get unfairly framed as unpatriotic.

4) McCain offers the same failed policies of Bush.  They may both have the our best interests at heart, but that doesn't make them any more successful.

5) What's wrong with unions?  By the way, the Republicans have blown the budget, expanded government, and will cost taxpayers over a trillion dollars once this Iraq war is over.  Not only that, the "war on terrorism" is a farce.  Do people want to hurt America, yes?  Is this a unique phenomena, no?  Should the President have the authority to listen in on phone conversations or detain individuals indefinitely without independent judicial review?  No way! 

If you want to go back to the Founding Fathers, compare the President's stance on opening mail without a warrant and teh first postal statute, judiciary statute and custom's statute.  Signing statements my azz.

However, if you are a libertarian, what is wrong with allowing gay marriage?  Arent Libertarians the ones who are ok with anything that doesnt harm their neighbor.  I fail to see how one person's marriage affects another's.

6) Because of our two party system, you would be a fool to vote for a Libertarian.

7) You know something.  :)