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Goin to Hofstra!!!

Goin to Hofstra!!!
« on: July 02, 2008, 12:20:05 AM »
Hey guys!  ;D ;D ;D It's been a really long process and finally the worst part is over. Now it's time to study!  :'(

Thanks to all of you who have helped me start with an idea of taking the LSAT, to taking the LSAT, to making it into law schools, to choosing the right one.

Hofstra Class of 2011. Anyone else on the Hofstra Class of 2011 band-wagon?

There are several rumors on the Internet about Hofstra and I even may have helped further a few of them a few months ago. I heard about how it was such a terrible area and how the school wasn't nice and this and that. I am here to dispel those rumors. It does not matter for most as a majority of you have already decided where you were going (well it was longer for me, so back off! hahaha - Billy Madison).

I am not doing the whole publicize my school thing, because I am not a homer like that but, I do enjoy a lot of the criticism and heat that Hofstra has taken now that I have seen the campus. Number one complaint is about the area, and the streets around the campus are all fenced in, there's walkways that go over the highways around Hofstra and keep you off the streets. There is a personal police force JUST for Hofstra and they are licensed police officers. Not to mention, this is a LARGE university and it just so happens to HAVE a law school in it. The facilities are extremely nice and polished, the law library is very nice and the law school is tucked away from a lot of the undergraduate programs. It is near the business school and has two-three of it's own buildings. In those buildings, there are tons of PC's and wireless (pretty much standard I'd imagine at law schools) and also there is 20 or so places to eat JUST on campus.

I was extremely impressed by Suffolk when I visited there, and at Roger Williams when I went there. I was not impressed with Rutgers-Newark and the area there, but this area is Hempstead is not Newark, NJ (Hofstra). It certainly is NOT the horror stories on the Internet, it is definitely one of the nicer University campuses I have been on (minus USC and San Diego, but i Mean, come on).

The Library (not Law) is extremely nice as well and most of the people I came in contact with were very nice. The Admissions Deparment is amazing and I'm glad that I decided to go there.

And the beat goes on.....