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The Transfer Resume

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« Reply #10 on: July 03, 2008, 08:57:49 AM »
Law review starts in a week or so, before acceptance letters come in likely.

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The first sentence is correct. Even a law review invite looks good on the resume. Check your new school's advice / policy on what particular wording they prefer you put on the resume.

Whether or not you started LR work at the old school is probably irrelevant, unless you are an 4 year program evening student who transferred after the second year. The reason for that a month or so of law review work doesn't lead to a published note or anything of substance and anyone looking at your resume to see that you transferred will assume you mean "invited on to law review/graded on to law review" anyway.

I think if you didn't do work for law review, you would included "graded on/wrote on to law review"

I know some people started doing law review stuff over the summer so they can just put "law review," correct?


Re: The Transfer Resume
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In my opinion....

It could be as simple as an "activity" versus an "Honor" under the Old Schools name on your resume.  You received the honor of grading on or writing on to Law review, but if you transferred and didnt do any real work then it was never an activity that you did in school  But thats just the lawyer in me coming out.  We'll see if it plays...

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You need to make it VERY clear that you are not participating on your old school's law review, and you should err on the safe side.

Seriously?  Isn't it implied that you're not on your old school's law review since you're not attending anymore?  I don't quite understand your advice; I think employers assume you've discontinued all school-specific activities at the school that you transferred out of.   

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What do you put for the dates for the first school and the transfer school.  Would the following format be correct:

New University School of Law, New City, New State
J.D. Candidate, May 2010

Old University School of Law, Old City, Old State                                  
GPA X.XX (GPA of Y.YY = approximate 10%)
Honors:    A, B, C
Activities:    D, E

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For dates, most schools with have you put something like this:

"Completed first-year J.D. coursework 2007-2008"


"Completed first year of law school then transferred to New School of Law"


Don't your new schools give you career manuals that explain this stuff? If not, you should call career services and ask for one.

Also, most schools frown upon listing any kind of unofficial rank on your resume.