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Affirmative Action-- blatant discrimination against European Americans......

    Affirmative Action is an issue that enrages me more than nearly any other in this nation.  For qualified blacks, it should enrage you too. Do you want all the
Whites and the Professor in the class assuming that your LSAT was 10-12 points lower than the Whites in the class and that you were admitted based on the color of your skin and not merit if such is not the case?  Because I will tell you, I am currently at a top 3 and it is the assumption
I make about blacks and latinos in my classes.  Not only is it deleterious for any blacks who happen to actually be qualified at the schools they are attending, it also ends up being a frustration for blacks with say a 155 LSAT trying to survive at Berkley, when she would be far more comfortable at a school on par with her academic skill.
    For all you White liberal sheep prepared to flame me, you, my friends, are fiddling while Rome burns.  To be anti-AA and to risk the label "racist" is near on par with being labeled a pedophile.  It is discrimination based on the color of one's skin, period. Is it fair that a Black who may have grown up in a middle class neighborhood in a stable environment with both parents will be favored for admission over, let's say, a White girl raised by an alcoholic father in a trailer park somewhere?? 
     As I understand the SC 2000 Michigan case on AA. race may be considered in admission if the school has a legacy of past discrimination that needs to be combatted.  For God's sake, does not the nomination of a black man as the democratic nomination for president prove that this nation's discriminatory past is over and done with?   In fields like Law and Medicine--professions where the practitioner may well be responsible for preserving another person's life one day-- the fact that race can override merit in determining admissions to law and medical schools is a complete travesty and will someday be seen as a shameful blight on this nation's history.
     If blacks and latinos are entitled to AA, should not also Chinese and Irish Catholics be accorded the same right, given that both groups faced hideous discrimination in this nation's past?  AA is tantamount to an admission that certain groups are simply inferior to Whites and Asians in academic areas and therefore are permitted to be judged by a different, lower standard.  It has now come to pass that The White European, whose ancestors founded this land "for ourselves and our posterity," is a second class citizen in his own land. It would be poetic justice for the grandchild of one of the SC justices who voted for the U of Mich to have the aforementioned grandchild end up in an ER with a serious condition where they were treated by an inferior ER physican given the job based on AA.
      For some reason, it is now not only acceptable but fashionable to bash European-
americans openly.  I recall the Jewish Supremacist Lesbian lover of photographer annie liebovitz calling the White race "the cancer of humanity."  In very true poetic justice, her flesh itself turned cancerous and she died from it.  Whites, who have given the world everything from the polio vaccine to putting human footsteps on to moon the the Sistine chapel are now discriminated against based solely on skin color s in our own homelands bc, over 150 yrs ago, less than  2% of the total American population owned African slaves.  The fact that Christians had been being enslaved by muslims for thousands of years is of course never mentioned. Nor is the fact that, no matter how their ancestors may have arrived here, american blacks are a HELL of a lot better off than african blacks. (i.e. recent events in Zimbabwae as an example)
    I, for one, am sick of the idea that it is acceptable to discriminate against the progeny of the founders of this  land based on their skin color.  Incidentally, as the blacks in Zimbabwae and south africa claim the few remaining white farms left in those nations and ruin them (which has led to famine all over africa) and Whites from SA and Zim begin coming to the USA, I cannot see why they can't claim status as African Americans on all applications, so this should make for some interesting situations.  In short, I think I speak for 10s of millions of European-Americans when I say enough is enough.  If the US can have a black democratic presidential nominee, then the whole alleged basis for AA is now moot and the michigan case has to be overturned.
    Make law school and all school admissions color-blind and have merit as the SOLE factor in determining admission.  AA is a remnant of the jesse jackson/al sharpton politics of the past....



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I suppose the OP is in favor of reparations or does he deny the discrimination of the past has effects the opportunities available today?

Also, you have no clue whether your school practices affirmative action or whether the minorities had better or worse scores than you.  You are making assumptions based on your own personal prejudices and biases.  Do you have the same problems with legacy admits?  Do you agree that diversity or thought, perspective and experience is at least as important as a test score?

People like you are too selfish and nearsighted to acknowledge that sometimes diversity is more important than an LSAT score or GPA.



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You people seriously need to get over this Affirmative Action thing....where i'm from, we call you "Haters."  It is what it is.