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Does anybody know a good place to look at clerkship prospects? That really is my dream post-grad job. Specifically, I'd like to see something that shows what school place where i.e. Chi places approximately x many clerks in y circuit court in a given year. Thanks.

Clerking (especially federal appellate clerkships) will tend to mirror USNews in terms of placement.  Judges tend to like students from the more exclusive schools, though GPA is also of course important.

That makes sense, but it seems like there's got to be some kind of regional factor in there. For instance, I imagine Michigan grads tend to head more towards the 6th circuit while Berkley grads would clerk in the 9th etc. Also, i have to wonder if some of the T14 schools just aren't that great for clerkships. For example, Texas grads apparently have done a little better than Penn for SCOTUS clerkships over the past 10 years. I realize that SCOTUS is hardly a representative sample, but it does make me wonder...