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Top 1% at tier 3
27 (33.8%)
Top 25% tier 2
17 (21.3%)
Middle of the pack 40-50
4 (5%)
Bottom 10% at T14
20 (25%)
Dead last at HYS with academic probation and no proferssor recomendations
12 (15%)

Total Members Voted: 80

Would you rather?


Re: Would you rather?
« Reply #10 on: June 26, 2008, 07:00:14 AM »
This is a silly poll. If you said 'dead last at HYS', everyone would choose that. That's why you have to choose ridiculous scenarios like 'on academic probation'.

Someone graduates every year top 3% of a t3 and top 25% of a T2 but the person who graduates bottom of HYS doesn't necessarily have no rec letters or is on probation. It's complete nonsense - I bet you NOONE has graduated from HYS in these circumstances in the last 10 years.

Doesn't it say something that you have to come up with such a stupid scenario to make people choose the t3.

I'd rather be felt up by some old perv than gang raped in an alley - doesn't make the first choice good.

Loling that you think you've proved something to the 'prestige whores'.

LOLing that you took the time to criticize his hypothetical survey. Yes, it is not common. That is why it is hypothetical.

Thank you Bloom for being the lone voice of reason on the internetz