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3.76 at top 20

Re: 3.76 at top 20
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Yeah, unfortunately I am sure. We have A+'s at UT.

Re: 3.76 at top 20
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Oh, and thanks for the realistic advice, ResidentTroll!
That's exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate it.

Re: 3.76 at top 20
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Texas/Minnesota/Washington in St. Louis/Boston U. ... that part of the ranking heirarchy seems to be the cutoff point for making your degree and summer associate hopes portable to other markets besides New York. I think you can definitely get an audience in those cities if you cast your net wide and network.

3.76 at UT is a good playing card to have, man. Good for you. BTW, ignore some of these jerks. If I scored a 3.96 in my 1L second semester at school with an A-/B+ curve, I'd tell everyone within earshot. That's an accomplishment. Only reason people chafe is because of their own insecurity. Two of my best friends at the school I attend finished tied for 4th and are trading up, to BC and Georgetown, respectively. I'm nowhere near them in the rankings, but I couldn't be prouder. Resentment and expectations of a closed mouth are dumb, and they have nothing to do with the achiever. Law firms value tact, but they also value winners ... and false modesty does not equal tact, imo.