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Private David Lewis:

--- Quote from: Visual Dictionary on September 11, 2008, 08:52:40 PM ---I'm a lowly 1L, but it seems like there are two types of BigLaw firms:

V20 + boutiques + a few that Vault badly misranks, like Irell and MTO.

Everyone else.

If you want the latter, then HYSCCN seems to cut the mustard fairly well, but you also need good grades for the former.  (And you need a decent geographic and practice explanation for both.)

Am I right?

--- End quote ---

Eh, I think the Vault thing is misleading.  There are some "V20" firms you can get from T6 schools with bleh grades.  But there are some V20 that require top top grades and LR.  Like Gibson NY or Sidley NY or Skadden or S&S or White and Case I think you could get fairly easily, for instance.  That's just based on anecdotal evidence, however.   

Visual Dictionary:
Agreed.  It seems like Skadden and Weil are easier than some lower-ranked firms, especially lower ranked ones in DC.

The point is that there are a handful of very selective firms and a large number of less selective ones that are happy to have HYSCCN associates.

I think.   Feel free to correct any misconception.

Well that's why you have to work so hard to get good grades in the first place. ;)


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