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I want to prepare my mass-mailing: how do I choose which firms for 1L summer?


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I love how this guys starts all his posts with, "I'll be attending a Top 10."  Super cool.

Since you are attending a top 10 school, you don't need to worry about sending out letters. Just post an "Application to Hire C.A." - similar to a dating application - online. The firms will fill them out and send them back to you. Then comes the hard part - picking where you want to go! Good luck to you, my friend.


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I think you are on the right track by getting started now when you have the time.  I talked to several different large firms last year about when they would like you to send in your resume and all of them said Dec. 1st (or whateverr time is stated on the NALP form) even without grades.  This is especially true for you coming from a Top 10 school.  Your grades aren't gooing to be AS important to them.

If you can just target the firms you want to work for prepare cover letters and try to tailor them to the firm a little bit and then do your resume you are good to go.  I think doing it by mail on good paper and what not is preferrable if you have the time.  However, if it comes January or so and you find a firm that you haven't applied to and you would like to I would do it by email just for time's sake.  

Anyways, good luck to you.




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