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Iím about to move, so Iím trying to get rid of all of these books as soon as possible.  Also,  Iím trying to avoid having to do this through ebay or These items are in gently used condition and a couple books have minimal writing. I'd like to sell these as a package by subject matter, but I'd be willing to let you pick what you want as long as you buy a few things. Iím open to negotiations. Make me an offer at Payments must be made through paypal.


    Examples & Explanations - The Law of Torts 2nd Ed. (Glannon)                                             
    Legal Lines - Keyed to Prosser - 11th                                           
    Easy Review for Tort Law                                           
    Emmanual Law Outlines                                           
    Finals Law School Exam Series (Includes Flow Charts & 125 exam questions)                                           
    Property PMBR CDs - 5 cds                                           
    Easy Review for Property Law                                           
    Legal Lines - Keyed to Dukeminier                                           
    Lexis Nexis Q&A Property                                           
    Finals Law School Exam Series (Includes Flow Charts & 100 exam questions)                                           
    Easy Rules for Contracts & Sales                                           
    ABCs of the UCC                                           
    Concepts and Case Analysis by Chirelstein                                           
    Siegel's Contracts Essay Exam Questions                                           
    Contracts Black Letter Series by Calamari                                           
    Finals Law School Exam Series (Includes Flow Charts & 150 exam questions)                                           
    Case Notes Legal Briefs on Contracts - Keyed to Knapp                                           
    Criminal Law                                            
    PMBR CDs                                           
    Finals Law School Exam Series (Includes Flow Charts & 150 exam questions)                                           
    Civ Pro                                           
    Law and a Flash, Parts I & II                                           
    Civil Procedure PMBR CDS                                           
    Examples & Explanations - 4th Ed. by Glannon                                           
    Gilbert Law Summaries - Civil Procedure                                           
    Siegel's Civ Pro Essay & multiple choice questions                                           
    Legal Lines - Civ Pro - Case Briefs - Keyed to Friedenthal                                           
    Glannon Guide to Civil Procedure - Learning Civ Procedure through Multiple Choice questions and Analysis                                           
    Lexis Nexis Q&A Civ Pro                                           
    Con Law                                           
    Law and a Flash                                            
    Understanding Con Law                                           
    Lexis Nexis Q&A Con Law                                           
    Legal Writing                                           
    Legal writing in a nutshell                                           
    Plain English for Lawyers by Wydick                                           
    A Student's Guide to Legal Analysis - Thinking Like A Lawyer by McFadden                                           
    Scholarly Writing for Law Students                                           
    Seminar Papers, Law Review Notes, & Law Review Competition Papers                                           
    Advocacy on Appeal by Clary
    Crim Procedure                                           
    Crim Procedure in a Nutshell - Constitutional Limitations                                           
    Crunch Time - Criminal Procedure                                           
    Lexis Nexis Q&A Crim Procedure by Katz                                           
    Finals Law School Exam Series (Includes Flow Charts & 175 exam questions)                                           
    PMBR CDs                                           
  Steve Emmanual 1st year Q&A (253 civ pro, 247 contracts, 166 on crim law, 131 on crim pro, 186 on propery,161 on torts                                           
    Restatements 2d Contracts - text, comments, and illustrations for students                                           
    Planet Law School II by Atticus Falcon                                             
    LEEWS Legal Essay Exam Writing Primer                                             
    Strategy & Tactics for MPRE                                           


Re: 1L supplements for sale: 45 books,flashcards,cds
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The legal writing books have been sold.  Any other takers?


Re: 1L supplements for sale: books,flashcards,cds and more
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Some con law stuff is gone.  Still plenty left. Make me an offer....