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Re: 1L Study Aides
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Overall suggestion:  Don't run out and buy stuff that we recommend right now.  You should go to the book store/library after the second or third week of classes and look through all of this stuff.  Sit down, flip through a bunch of our suggestions and other available aids.  See which ones are hitting topics that your prof has covered or is on the syllabus.  Look at which ones appeal to you based on your study habits and needs. 

That being said, here are my suggestions:

Seigel's Essay books really helped for studying and exam prep, especially for classes where there were only one or two sample/old exams available.  They have essay exam sample books for every 1L subject.  I highly, highly recommend them.  My study group and I used them, and it was exceedingly helpful not only for the issue spotting practice, but also just a nice guide for how to generally structure an answer (I did use LEEWS, which also helped, but having an additional guide as you start working through this for the first semester is helpful)

Dressler's Understanding Crim law is awesome.

Chemerinsky for Con Law (didn't use it till the very end of conlaw; wished I'd used it sooner).

Don't get Chemerinsky's Federal Jurisdiction for civ pro (as someone suggested) UNTIL/UNLESS you find out you're doing justiciability in civ pro.  I've actually never ever heard of it being done in civ pro before; it's more commonly done in Con Law, and if you decide to take Federal Courts or Federal Jurisdiction (sort of a mating of Con law and civ pro), you'll see it there.  But even if you do cover it, the Chemerinsky con law may still be better for you (if it's in there).  The Chemerinsky Fed Jurisdiction book is very pricey (I bought it last semester new for Fed Cts), and it's a waste of money to read up on just one topic.

Glannon's Civ Pro E&E, however, is as good as people say it is.

Contracts - I didn't use any supplements, but one probably would've helped (I had a commercial outline, and hated it).  I haven't heard good things about the E&E; some maybe look into the other suggestions too.

Torts - I used the E&E now and then; some of the terminology used by my prof was different than the E&E, but overall, the book we helpful because my Torts prof was DISMAL.

Re: 1L Study Aides
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How about books on tape? I'm more of an audio learner and figure they might be good for commute/gym. I looked at Amazon and pretty much saw only the Sum and Substance series. Anyone used these or any others? Thanks.