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Any UCLA law students?

Any UCLA law students?
« on: June 13, 2008, 06:00:59 PM »

I am currently attending JC, I will be a sophomore this year, and hopefully in one year I will transfer to UCB. I'm only 16 but so far JC has been a breeze. My major is computer science.

I have recently been drawn to UCLA's law school, because of the financial aids and, well, its UCLA! The main purpose of my thread is just to get some little info out of alumnis, current students, and students who have been accepted for this fall. The info I am interested in is really simple, such as your gpa, where you transferred from, and so on. Based on that I want to see what my chances are (if any) to transfer from UCB to UCLA's sol.


Re: Any UCLA law students?
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You're in high school.  Do not start fixating over the numbers you'll need to get into a law school 4 years+ down the road (they're subject to significant change over that period as well).  Should you feel compelled to disrgard this advice, consult lawschoolnumbers . c o m to get a feel for the stats succesful applicants had at any given school.