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What are my job prospects?

What are my job prospects?
« on: June 13, 2008, 05:36:44 PM »

I'm concerned about my future job prospects after I graduate this coming Spring 2009.  So far, I have a 3.13 Accum GPA at a T3 law school on the West Coast, and I'm trying to move east to New York City (for my wife, who wants to be closer to her family).  No law review or moot court (but I applied for them for my 3L year - haven't heard back from them yet), but I do have an externship  under my belt with a Federal Judge, have 5 years of paralegal experience (1 of which was in NYC) and am a Notary Public there.  Currently I'm splitting my summer working for the Prosecutor's Office and a small PI firm.  What are my chances at scoring a job in NYC after graduation?  I'm not holding my breath for any lucrative big firm jobs, but I'll take any job that comes my way.  I just want to know what my chances are at this point.  Thanks.

Re: What are my job prospects?
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Not good. Entirely too many people want to be in NYC, and T3 students in NY have a hard enough time. Your best bet undoubtedly would be through your prior paralegal job there -- could something come of that?


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Re: What are my job prospects?
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Temp/contract doc review work can be a decent filler until you find a permanent job.  Good luck.

Re: What are my job prospects?
« Reply #3 on: June 18, 2008, 07:41:59 AM »
Thanks to all for your posts.  Although smaller cities is an option, NYC would be our first choice.  Temp/contract jobs would seem like the way to go, becuase my position as a paralegal was at a international big firm, which probably won't even look at my resume, considering I'm at a T3 school.  Any other suggestions anyone?

Re: What are my job prospects?
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Look for full-time work in smaller cities on the East Coast before you look at temp/contract work.  Contract work is miserable and soul-sucking, and those who take contract jobs often end up stuck in them (because employers somehow now see them as unworthy of fulltime work)

There's a blog detailing some of the more horrible temp experiences at  The stories there are mostly anonymous, so it's hard to tell what is exaggerated, but some of my friends who have gone the contract route have had very bad experiences with being treated poorly.  Temp/contract work will pay (some of) the bills, but it's not a great option if you can avoid it.

Again, I'd advise you to look at smaller cities.  There are some smaller cities within a couple hours' drive or train ride of NYC where it would probably be much easier to get a job.  You wouldn't be in NYC, but you'd be far closer to your wife's family than you are now.  If you got a fulltime job in a smaller city or town, you could stay there for a few years and then try to go to NYC.  I think that would be the better option.