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Do firms hire post-grad associates who didn't work as 2L summers?

 I actually had a few questions related to this:

I just got on Law Review and IP Moot Court, but my gpa is around a 3.25 (which is top half for sure, prob top 40%) at a top 20 law school. I had a fairly good first semester, but my second semester dropped a bit (still trying to figure out what the hell happened). I'm working as a summer associate at a law firm this summer.

Anyhoo, I'm doing OCI as well as regional job fairs this fall.

(1) Should I contact law firms ahead of time in preparation for this?

(2) Do I have a good chance for a lot of these firms? Do they even look at the 1st semester grades for 2L year?

(3) Do they have this stuff wrapped up by a certain date (i.e. can I also apply later on in the year/do they monitor your progress)?

(4) If I don't get the 2L firm job I want (and continue where I'm at this summer) but show a marked improvement in the 2L year in terms of my grades, do firms still hire you after school? (E.g. let's say i wanted to work for Fish & Richardson but don't get offered for 2L summer, when they're recruiting at the beginning of 3L year, do people in my position still have a good chance or are hirings drawn solely from previous summer associates?).

Basically, am I screwed from getting a job I want even if I improve?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Do firms hire post-grad associates who didn't work as 2L summers?
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I know of some 3Ls at my school that works for one firm for their 2L summer, and interviewed their 3L fall with other firms and got job offers for after they graduated.

I am in the 2L OCI process too, so I wouldn't know about your other questions. But I am guessing improved grades are important.

I have a friend from a top 30 school who did really bad 1 semester of 1L year and she didn't get a SA position for her 2L summer (I think she did some public interest stuff instead). She did really well her 2L year, and a v20 firm hired her during 3L OCI. But I am not sure if that is just an odd exception.