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Rankings, cutoffs, and questions!

Rankings, cutoffs, and questions!
« on: June 05, 2008, 05:14:50 PM »

Please let me know if I should be panicking.

After the fall semester, I was probably around the top third, but this semester I made a bad grade in crim (I ran out of time), and I am now probably right at the median. I have NO interest in practicing crim, so it sucks that this grade was the kicker that brought down my GPA from a 3.420 to a 3.280 :( I did not get a C, (I got a B-) but it is my worst grade. I am not sure what the median is at my school (it is a top 20 program), since we don't rank. The top 20% cut if usually around 3.5.

I really hate that I missed that 3.3 cutoff. Should I still apply to firms that have a 3.3 cutoff? Or what about firms that ask for top half? I have no clue how to do the math to calculate the median at the school, although I think it is a 3.2-something.

I won't know if I made a journal until July. Ideally, I would like to practice in Austin, Dallas, or Houston. (and no, I do not go to UTx)

What do you older and wiser law students think?

BTW: I am employed as a summer associate for 8 weeks at a pretty large firm.

Re: Rankings, cutoffs, and questions!
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