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The difference between Northwestern and UChicago

The difference between Northwestern and UChicago
« on: June 01, 2008, 09:06:24 PM »
I just posted this same question about NY schools, but I'm curious about the Chicago schools as well. I'm trying to learn the differences in the atmosphere. Is one known to be more cut-throat? Is one in a better location? Better job placement? More geared toward a specific area of law?

Any input, or links to previous threads on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

Re: The difference between Northwestern and UChicago
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2008, 02:47:51 PM »
From my 0L experience, this forum, and visits to NU, Northwestern prides itself on being a "different kind of law school."  They praise practical experience, matriculating 95% of their 1Ls with at least a year of work experience. Also, I believe you can take at least one clicic per semester for two years. Conversely, Chicago is a very ivory tower academic style institution.

Plus NU is in the best part of Chicago located on the lake near the Magnificent Mile and within walking distance of Millenium Park, whereas Chicago is in one of if not the worst, where the SWAT team was patrolling the streets earlier this year (ok I'm being a bit dramatic, but the SWAT Team was there).

However, Chicago is definitively more prestigous producing more Big Law Attorneys, law professors, etcetera.

Re: The difference between Northwestern and UChicago
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what are you talking about? NU's law school is NOT in Evanston, it's in downtown Chicago, in Streeterville, which along with Gold Coast is THE most fabulous and upscale neighborhood in Chicago.

And by the way, Evanston is very liberal.
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