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Author Topic: Connecticut or Massachusetts Bar?  (Read 243 times)


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Connecticut or Massachusetts Bar?
« on: May 27, 2008, 07:51:38 AM »
So its not for a while, but I am trying to figure out whether to take the CT or the MA bar. I live in Mass but go to school at Quinnipiac in CT. I prefer Massachusetts a lot more than Connecticut but my school has primarily (even though it is 108 on US News) only regional popularity. However, I live close to Boston so I am closer to that market and generally prefer it to one like Hartford. Getting involved im state politics is also in the back of my mind as a goal someday and think perhaps back in Mass would be more favorable even though I am a political minority (GOP) because I went to a state school for undergrad, went to the public schools there, know people there etc. At the same time though, it is a lot harder to network in Mass since my school caters primarily to CT, NY and NJ. Also, I am on the 4 year track (JD-MBA) and my gf is graduating from college the year before I graduate from law school and we hoped to live together in CT my last year but she doesn't want to find a good job and then pass it up so we can move back to Mass. She also, though, doesn't want to live too far from her parents. At the same time, when I tell her that we should just not live together for the year then if that bothers her she says no and says she wants to live with me. Granted, this living arrangement issue is mostly a short term concern but it is something to consider I suppose.

So how do I determine which bar I should take? Which one seems more favorable?