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Does deferring enrollment negatively change your financial aid offers?

I'm toying with the idea of a year of public service work between college and law school, but I wanted to apply this fall just in case those opportunities don't work out.  So if a law school offers admission and a scholarship (big IF there, I know), and then I hear from one of those service fellowships, can I defer enrollment for a year and be able to keep the scholarship offer?
The reason I'm asking is because I see all of these comments that support taking a year to work/volunteer between undergrad and law school but I'm still hesitant about that option and want to submit my apps. 


I asked three schools about their deferral policies (NYU, Michigan, and UVA).

UVA lets you defer merit have to reapply for need-based aid, though.

For Michigan and NYU you have to reapply for everything. So check with the schools!