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Why the Heck Does This Keep Happening to me in the LR Section? Please someone!

Hi All,

Ok, I have studied the LR Bible and LG Bible and found both to be pretty good.  In fact, my scores have gone up about 13 points since using the books (from a 147 to now a 160).  However, ONLY in the LR section, I cannot seem to get more than 18-20 right each time I take a practice run and get this, every question I get wrong, it's ALWAYS between 2 remaining answer choices and I ALWAYS pick the wrong one. 

I will give you an example:

On PrepTest 50 (Septmeber 2006), Section 4, #4, I had it down to answer choices D and E, I selected D, and the correct answer choice was E.

Same section, #8, I had it down to answer choices A and B, I selected A, and the correct answer choice was B.

I am almost tempted to go with whatever answer choice that contradicts my initial instinct but of course this wouldn't be too smart.

I am kicking-butt in the games (20-24 correct each time) and RC I am working on improving, but it's ok for now.  This LR section is driving me nuts and I feel I can get a great score if I could just pick the right answer choices out of the 2 remaining.  Some of these I've gone back and analyzed why I selected what I did and only on some of them I was able to figure it out.

Have any of you experienced the same thing?  ANY advice any of you could offer we be incredibly appreciated.  Thank you very much.


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I know exactly what you're saying because did the exact same thing. This is part of what my problem was though. There would be about 5-7 problems in each LR section that I would narrow down to two and I would usually get half wrong and half right. So at first I would go back and disect only the questions I got wrong. This is bad because there were still a couple that I got right but only luckily - meaning there is a good chance I would get them wrong next time. So mark all the questions that you don't COMPLETELY understand and disect those along with the ones you missed. The hard part is not narrowing it down to two possible choices (2-3 of the choices are usually somewhat rediculous), the hard part, as you can see, is choosing the right answer between the last two; so you have to figure out and understand why one of them is wrong.