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Crim Pro, Crim Law and Torts books for sale


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Crim Pro, Crim Law and Torts books for sale
« on: May 17, 2008, 01:48:04 PM »
I have just a few things left. The casebooks that remain are at the bottom, so you'll need to scroll down
Message me if you are interested and we will set up payment thru PayPal.
Once I know what you are interested in, I can give you a shipping price. I ship using USPS flat rate box, which is $9.80 for whatever I can fit in the box regardless of weight. I can probably fit two of the case books in the box, possibly three.
If you would like pix of anything, let me know. I will also consider reasonable offers or discounts for multiple purchases.

Study aids
***Lot of 3 Blond's Law guides
   Contracts, Con Law and Torts
   Retail for $17 each. Asking $30 for lot.

***Lot of 3 Understanding Series by Lexis books
   Torts, Con Law and Understanding Law school, which gives a brief overview of all first year subjects).
   Con Law book is new. Asking $35 for lot.

***Law in a Flash: First Year set of eight subjects
   If you buy a first-year set from Amazon or elsewhere, you get six subjects. This set has eight including Civil Procedure Parts I and II, Property, Future Interests (which does not come with the usual first year set but it is needed for property); Constitutional Law, Torts, Contracts and Sales (UCC Article 2, another set that is needed if your prof goes over the UCC as part of your contracts class).
   New, a six-subject set sells for $200 and up.
   I'm asking $135 for this set of eight. All the cards are like new. The sales box is a little stained, but the cards are fine. Also, one packet of the torts cards are not even out of the cellophane yet.

***Lot of 5 Crunchtime Series books:
   Includes: Constitutional law, evidence, criminal procedure, property and contracts. All books are like new except criminal procedure, which has less than 10 pages of highlighting in it. These books retail for around $30 each. I'm asking $75 for the set.
***Lot of 4 Emanuel Law Outlines
   Civ Pro
   Crim Law
   Only Civ Pro and Contracts have light highlighting. Retail for $33 each.
   Asking $35 for lot.

***Property: Lot of 2 books
Gilbert Law Summaries: Property by Dukeminier + Final Exam Series: Property (Spiralbound)
   New: $32; asking $15 for Lot of 2

***Siegel's Constitutional Law (with highlighting) $7

***Q&A Series Constitutional Law - $7

***Q&A Series Civil Procedure - $7

***Casenote Legal Briefs keyed to Field, Kaplan and Clerment casebooks (but can use the briefs for any civ pro class really) - $10

***Contracts - Two book lot:
Black letter Series by Calamari and Perillo (Cover is creased and title page is a little beat up, but every other page is in good shape without any highlighting or writing)
Concepts and Case Analysis in the Law of Contracts hornbook by Chirelstein - $20 for lot of 2 books

Also, here are a few books I bought that were on the recommended reading list for the summer before my 1L. I'm selling them as a lot for $30.[/color]
   Buffalo Creek Disaster by Stern
   Law School Confidential by Miller
   Opening Arguments: A Young Lawyer's First Case by Jeffrey Toobin (hardback)
   American Legal Systems Research and Reference Guide
   Law of the Land: Evolution of our Legal System  (hardback)
   Paper Chase

(NOTE: all of the casebooks have highlighting. Covers and binding are in great shape unless otherwise noted. Save up to 50% of what you would pay for new in a bookstore.)

***Civil procedure case book by Yeazell
   Sixth edition
   $115 new
   Asking $40 + get a FREE BONUS (Legalines keyed to this book, new, retails for $31)

***Tort Law: Responsibilities and Redress case book, by Goldberg, Sebok and Zipursky
   2004 edition w/ CD-ROM
   $116 New
   Asking $20
***Criminal Law: Cases and Materials by Saltzburg, Diamond, Kinports and Morawetz
   2nd Edition
   $108 new
   Asking $20
***Constitutional Law by Chemerinsky, 2nd edition
   $142 new
   Asking $60

***Basic Criminal Procedure by Kamisar, 11th edition, American Casebook Series
   $105 new
   Asking: $40 (NOTE: this book is a paperback and the front cover is creased from being in my  backpack with a ton of other books)
***Property by Dukeminier, 6th edition
   $142 new
   Asking $60

***Contracts: Cases, Problems and Materials by Crandall and Whaler, 4th edition
   $124 new
   Asking: $50

***O'Connor's Federal Rules and civil trials 2007 edition
   This book is a paperback that contains full text and commentaries for the FRCPs (a must for Civ Pro) as well as FRAPs, FREs, Title 28, etc.
   $90 new
   Asking: $40

***Selected Commercial Statutes for Sales and Contracts 2007 edition
   Another paperback which includes the unamended and amended UCC, CISG, Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and more.
   Asking $30