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How far along are you in your moving plans?

Re: How far along are you in your moving plans?
« Reply #20 on: May 16, 2008, 10:07:47 AM »
We're planning a trip to NOVA next month to secure housing for around August 1.  My house has been on the market for about 2 mos. with little activity, so I'm started to get a bit worried.  My wife has put in only one application so far for a job, but is getting ready to start in earnest soon.  It's hard to know how to time that just right.  She's currently self-employed (she's a photographer), so she'll need to find a secure type of job until she can establish her busniess in a market 3000 miles away from where we are now.  Oh the joys of a long distance move with a family!

Our condo is also on the market but we just put it on... we are "pricing to sell".  Eek.  Do you have kids?

I have two kids (5 and 7).  I may have to price to sell if I don't see any movement in the next month.  The plan was for the house to help finance partial living expenses during schhol as well as moving expenses, so I didn't want to start out too low.  Even if I price to sell, I'll still make $, just not as much as I would have liked (I know, join the club!).

We decided to price low so it goes fast.  In this market, you never know... We'll see.

Good luck!!  I think I read earlier that you'll be living in Arlington?  That's where I hope to find a place as well.

Yeah we found a place around courthouse station.  The prices in Arlington are ridiculous... and I'm moving from Boston.

I hear you about that!  We really liked the Courthouse area as well, especially since it is close to the Spanish immersion elementary school we'd like our kids to attend. 

Re: How far along are you in your moving plans?
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Are you guys Hispanic?  I would love to put my kids in a Spanish immersion school - they are pretty rare in the US right?

No.  My wife's half Asian acutally, but she spent time in Mexico after H.S., and having our kids speak a second language has been important to her.  Arlington has two immersion schools and the one in the Courthouse neighborhood is a model for others around the nation.  1/2 the day is taught in English and the other 1/2 in Spanish.  When we were in the area visiting schools last month, we just happend to be able to attend the orientation and we were super-impressed with their program.

Re: How far along are you in your moving plans?
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Do you have a link to the school's website? I'm curious is this it -,_Virginia)

That's it!  Here's the link to the official school site: