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« on: May 14, 2008, 10:58:12 PM »
Shill accounts threaten the integrity of this forum by lying to users in hopes of convincing them to purchase their product.  This hurts both students, who have a more difficult time making informed decisions, and companies, whose integrity is called into question if/when an overzealous marketing person gets caught posing as a student.  A lose-lose IMHO.

I also have the job of ensuring that actual students have the ability to share their experiences with other users, so I can't simply ban every user who talks about his/her experience with a specific curriculum/book/DVD/whatever.

I have emailed Andrew asking him to clarify his position on unpaid advertising.  In the meantime, I am left using my better judgment.  So, here are the new laws of the land:

You may...
...make an honest post about your experiences with a product/service/company.
...make a recommendation in response to a question.
...put a link in your signature (Let's not go crazy with the font size, eh?). a company employee/representative, clarify/correct (mis)information about your product/service/company.

You may not...
...use multiple accounts to post about experiences with a product/service/company.
...create an excessive number (or percentage) of posts regarding one particular product/service/company. about a particular product/service/company in unrelated threads.
...make a post that is nothing but an advertisement.

Ads will be deleted.
Shilling will result in a 48-hour ban (permaban for repeat offenders).
Additional shill accounts will be banned permanently.

I will do my best to differentiate between shill accounts and actual testimonials.  That being said, the more actual LSAT-related content you post (i.e. the more you participate by helping users with their questions), the less likely you are to be singled out as a corporate shill.