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Waited a good while, rejected.  Just Texas Tech left now on wait list, lots of people were sent letters to say they are no longer on wait list, that they have been rejected so I'm holding out.   I feel like I've let a lot of people down  ::)

Did you get in anywhere else?  STCL?

Are you sure you don't want to sit out a year and re-take the LSAT?

I didn't receive any fee waivers except from Tech so I was strapped for cash, it spent about $300 in applications and South Texas wasn't one.  It was stupid looking back, I did a lot of things stupid in my cycle this year, I've taken the LSAT twice unfortunately.


I am applied to all the Texas schools except UT, St. Mary's, and South Texas plus Franklin Pierce. Have a MS in Biology and 16 yrs of experience. Five scientific publications. Waitlisted at Franklin Pierce and rejected elsewhere. State preference and experience didn't help. Problem applied in Feb. PE and graduate degrees don't count......LSAT counts! Get a 160, apply first, apply to about 20 schools, and you are in somewhere. So spend 1000-2000 on test prep, 2000 on applications for 20 schools plus test costs, and you will have bought your way into a law school. USWR has made the admissions less subjective/objective and more about LSAT numbers. So invest in a Testmasters course and apply in Sept. Personally, this will be the least important career accomplishment that I will have but adcomms want the numbers to raise their rankings. It is quite myoptic and not holistic.

VIsit the schools in the summer with application in hand and ask them point blank, "What else will it take for my application to be seriously considered at this school?" Just give what they want...numbers!

Bummer.  :(


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