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I prefer to sell all these together, especially items 2-7.  It makes an easier job for both you and me.  Of course, if you don't like one or two items particularly, let me know. I bought all these new last July.  The prices are not negotiable.

They help me a lot in my first year study in property and I did well.  I wish you all good luck as well. 


1. Property Casebook by Dukeminier.   Aspen,  6th edition, some highlighting, no writing.   $70
2. Law in a flash, Real Property,   2006 version, New   $15
3. CrunchTime, property   Aspen, 2005 version, New, no highlighting, no writing.   $15
4. Siegelís Property: Essay and Multiple-Choice Questions and Answers   Aspen, 2005 version, New. no highlighting, no writing.   $15
5. Questions and Answers.  property   LexisNexis, Revised First Edition, New, no highlighting, no writing.   $15
6. A Studentís Guide to estates in land and future interests. by Robert Laurence   2nd edition, LexisNexis, New, no highlighting, no writing.   $15
7. Understanding Property Law   2nd edition, LexisNexis, New, no highlighting, no writing.   $20