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PT 39, Sec. 2 #8, Method of Reasoning Q

PT 39, Sec. 2 #8, Method of Reasoning Q
« on: May 09, 2008, 06:33:30 PM »
Can anyone explain to me how 'D' is correct? "Offering an analogy to counter an unstated assumption of Jorge's argument." Nothing in Jorge's argument goes assumed, or is unstated. The argument addressed in Jorge's comments are there in the text. "You won't be able to write well about rock music in the 1960's, since you were just an infant then." This is the blatant comment Ruth addresses in her response. The analogy part of answer D is correct however, but this I think is a half-right half-wrong incorrect answer type.

C, however, is not half-right half-wrong as described in the LGB (p.360). "Using an example of classic culture" -- she does. "To legitimize contemporary culture as an object worth of serious consideration." -- She does. This last part is what the LGB thinks is wrong about the answer. BUT she does use the analogy to legitimize writing about 1960's rock, and should be worthy of serious consideration to write about.

Agghhh!!!  :'(