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I am really upset with the fin aid office right now. I got accepted to the school with no $ and had sent an email asking if they could re-consider. I got a message back saying there was nothing they could do and I resigned myself to that. I made up my mind about going there and having to borrow the max amount of loans for the 1st yr then I got my fin aid award letter in the mail teling me they were offering me 15,000 for the first year as a Law Faculty Scholarship. You can imgine my joy and excitement. Then I had to call them cos I had a question about completing my MPN and the rep I was speaking to suddenly told me that the scholarship was a mistake. I was shocked and I let her know that I had declined other schools that were offering me scholarships cos I really desired to go to Temple. So she said somebody would call me back later. Imagine my surprise when I got an email saying "well we made a mistake and that's that"
I am so upset cos I feel like at least they owed me a phone call to apologize and I feel like they could have at least offered me some $ for such a terrible mistake.

Has anyone ever been in this type of situation?

I feel helpless cos I feel like I can't do anything about this cos I really wouldn't want to take it a step further( and even if I did, I wouldn't know what to do) but I just think there should be some type of action I can take about this.

Any advice, anyone?

I don't know the answer, BUT if you would rather go to another school rather than Temple without the money I would contact that school where you withdrew and explain the situation.

You might contact an attorney re: contract law remedies, but I doubt it.

Certainly sounds like an exam question for contracts....

Something like this did happen a couple of years ago with Princeton. They accidentally sent out two acceptances to students they meant to deny. In the end, the school let them attend.

You had resigned yourself to attending the school without the scholarship.

If the money is that meaningful to you, tell Temple you won't be there in the fall, and why.  Ask the other schools if there are any openings left, and if there is any money available for you.  If not, ask if you might expect the same terms as this year if you reapplied next year.

You could always use their civil litigation clinic to take the Admissions Office to court :)

Thank you very much for your responses. I guess I already knew there was no real recourse for me in this situation but I was just looking for an opportunity to vent. As someone has advised me, I will just put this behind me and look forward to attending the school. The money is not that important anyway and I had already commited myself to going there before the award letter came in the mail.
I appreciate your comments.


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