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Boston College, Madison, or U of MN?

Re: Boston College, Madison, or U of MN?
« Reply #20 on: May 14, 2008, 08:59:50 PM »
Thanks again for all the advice.  This has helped me a lot! 

In doing my own research, I found a website that lists the firms in every state along with salaries for the first 8 years and information about billable hour requirements.  It seems like the starting salaries in Boston are much much higher than Minneapolis, they get much larger raises, and there are more high paying firms.  It seems like the job prospects are so much better that I could make up for the extra $50,000 more easily than I had originally thought. 

In case anyone else wants to check it out,

Re: Boston College, Madison, or U of MN?
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This is true.

Just keep in mind the (oft-pointed out) flipside that there is higher competition for those jobs in Boston, and that the cost of living is much higher around Beantown than in the Twin Cities.  A house that runs $300,000 in Minneapolis will run you $600,000 in Cambridge.

That being said, if all other things were equal, I would be hard pressed to turn down Boston for Minnesota.  Had I gotten into BC, it might have been an issue  :-\

Boston's great.  Minneapolis seems great, too, in a different way.