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T20 in Major City Needs Some Guidance

Re: T20 in Major City Needs Some Guidance
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come on - the portal log in process isn't that difficult

Just remember...

The cake is a lie!

haha that game was surprisingly good (a bit nervous about grades this sem - i only have myself and tf2 to blame ;) )

Re: T20 in Major City Needs Some Guidance
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did you not read the thread?


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Re: T20 in Major City Needs Some Guidance
« Reply #52 on: May 07, 2008, 06:03:48 AM »
First off Iím going to be blunt. You asked for it, so here it comes. Whether your flame or not, there are actually people in your position, mostly because they are clueless how job searching actually works, so here is my advice.

First off you made the common novice mistake of relying on the name of your school to get you a job as your entire job search strategy. Stupid.  But not at all uncommon with fresh from UG kids who listen more to what anonymous posters on boards like this say then career services. So youíve learned  valueable lessons, only you learned it too late. Not ever law student even at T20 schools get jobs from OCI or get jobs at big law firms. So what now?

The first thing you need to do is start taking responsibility for your job search. This is not the schools fault, I suspect you would be in the same position even if you went to a T14, its your fault. Sorry for being harsh but you need to realize this, only after you do will you start taking responsibility for the job search and not defaulting to OCI or mass mail as your only options then opine about how life is so hard and you canít get a job.

Here is some advice, you need to start doing this right now, its likely at this point you will not get an offer until bar results come out. So you have to start over being proactive in your job search doing what you should have been doing for the last 3 years. Here is how to start:

Contac career services, take your resume in, get and TAKE their advice on how to re-work it to play up your good factors and down you bad ones. Re-write it, bring it back for a final review. Do this before you send out a another resume. Something is wrong with your resume at this point - fix it.

Make a separate appointment with career services, tell them you need interview help. Admit that you should have done this when they offered mock interviews, but you didnít. Ask them to please mock interview you. Do this a few times, take their advice to heart and change your interview techniques, remember these people actually know what they are talking about, based on your interview successes, you donít. Fix it.

Right now, while you get the student rate join the local bar association, the state bar and any practice specific bar associations that interests you. Start going to their monthly meetings, CLEs in your practice area, happy hours. Meet some working lawyers, partners, judges for Christ sakes,  that actually might have jobs for you or know someone who does. Imagine that? Working lawyers working in the legal field might have law jobs. Do it.

Get a book called ďGuerilla Tactics for getting the legal job of your dreamsĒ read the damn thing cover to cover it will teach you what you should have learned over the past there years about finding a job. Read it.

Only after you have done the above things start mass mailing again, but local. Its too late for you to be picky now, so suck up and apply local. Youíre shooting for a bar results job now since you did not get an offer, take what you can in the meantime to cover the bills, even if thatís tending bar.
Believe it or not there are 100k jobs out there that you school oes not even know about and if you know the right people you can even get into biglaw w/o OCI. You need to get the hell out of law school and message boards like this and start meeting working lawyers. Put what you learn from above into practice.

Most importantly:  TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR JOB SEARCH. Youíre in this position because up till this point you have not. You have relied on the name of you school to get you a job, that has not worked, and you have no plan B. Start listing to people who actually know what the F they are talking about, go to your career services office, bug the hell out of them (you pay their salaries) and actually listen to what they hell they tell you, then DO IT, they know the market for your grads better than a bunch if 1/2Lís at other schools or 0Lís.

And lastly, to be completely honest, understand what your job search up to this point says about you as  a lawyer. If Iím a prospective employer looking at a mass mailed resume at this point in the hiring cycle here is what it is saying to me about the applicant: Its saying youíre not a creative thinker, you canít think outside or the box, you donít put much effort in things, you take the easiest path then give up.  Get over it. Be proactive in your job search and you legal career else wise neither will be very successful.

i did all of that already. the city where my school is is saturated with Top 10 lawyers who like to come here, so i'm SOL for that. i tried to get a job at the smaller offices in the Vault 50 firm i paralegaled for also with no luck

LOLz @ ignoring all the salient advice


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Re: T20 in Major City Needs Some Guidance
« Reply #53 on: July 11, 2008, 08:10:03 PM »
Tag, that Matthies advice is pure gold.

Re: T20 in Major City Needs Some Guidance
« Reply #54 on: July 17, 2008, 09:35:06 PM »
this whole thing is f'ing hilarious.  had to post so i can reread it later

Re: T20 in Major City Needs Some Guidance
« Reply #55 on: August 16, 2008, 05:39:11 PM »
sounds like the OP goes to GW. with your class rank, you should have been prepared for this. there are T14 kids near median that don't get these $100,000+ jobs, so what makes you think going to a "T20" will make it any different?

just suck it up and keep trying. there are third tier law students out there dying to get any job

Re: T20 in Major City Needs Some Guidance
« Reply #56 on: August 17, 2008, 09:16:00 AM »
If the OP does go to GW, I would highly suggest looking at job markets outside of DC. DC is known for being very elitist and grades focused. You might be a lot more marketable somewhere else. I also agree that focusing solely on six figure jobs at large-ish firms isn't likely to result in a job offer.

Re: T20 in Major City Needs Some Guidance
« Reply #57 on: August 17, 2008, 02:54:00 PM »
Start networking like crazy.....with the economy not doing too well, you need to get your resume in front of as many faces as possible.

Re: T20 in Major City Needs Some Guidance
« Reply #58 on: August 17, 2008, 03:03:14 PM »
I would also retouch on the summer jobs you had while in school, and speak with friends who had multiple offers.  If they turn someone down, hey, it may be your gain!