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performance based admission program (PBAP)


any thoughts? know anyone who has done it? how successful?? any info would be great. i plan on starting in 2 weeks

my wife and I have friends (they are a couple as well) who both did the PBAP.  I haven't really asked them any details, but she just graduated/finished exams, and he just finished 1L, so they made it through :)

They did both say they appreciate how it prepared them for law school.

good luck 

Did you end up doing it? I would love to know how it went. Mine starts in June.  I'm nervous about what to expect...and need to find out the requirements of the program for work purposes.

Thanks :)

How is this program?  I am thinking this will be one of the few schools I can get into.  How many hours do you have to carry?  Can you go part time? I think I need these classes. I am an older student.


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