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NY market to get even more crowded. Proposed schools based on State Welfare.,0,4222067.story

You've got to be f#!@*(ing kidding me... the last thing NY needs is more TTT law schools flodding the market with graduates.

"There's no question that we simply have a glut of law schools," said Makau Mutua, interim dean of the University at Buffalo Law School. "There's no shortage of access to legal education for New Yorkers who want to go to law school."

The state budget passed by the Legislature earlier this month includes more than $50 million for developing law schools in the Rochester and Binghamton areas and on Long Island. The Rochester school would be affiliated with St. John Fisher College, a private school in suburban Pittsford, while the SUNY system's Binghamton and Stony Brook universities would get their own law schools.

More than $2 million would help pay for Fisher to study creation of a law school. The rest of the funding is for the two SUNY schools, with the lion's share going to Stony Brook, including $250,000 for a feasibility study and $45 million for building the law school.

And the politicians ADMIT that this is to make MONEY!

A state lawmaker who pushed for the St. John Fisher funding in the state budget says a law school, if located in downtown Rochester, would give the city a much-needed economic boost.

"This is really about improving regionalism and improving Rochester's academic landscape and career opportunities," said state Senator Joseph Robach, a Republican from suburban Greece.

The law school scam is reaching new lows.  Private schools getting more taxpayer dollars is a disgrace!  This is nothing but corporate welfare. 

I think NY  needs to to be shutting down schools, not opening up more .

To be fair, "to make money" and "giv[ing] the city a much-needed economic boost" are not the same things. It's more like a consequence of the new school would be an economic boost. Further supporting this is that the lawmaker said "if located in downtown Rochester."

See: the Knobe effect.

All said, this is absurd and stupid.
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There was an article a few months ago in Newsday, that Stony Brook may take over Touro Law School.  Whether that is still The Plan, or if this is going to be an additional school on LI I'm not too sure. 
  If I read anything in the local newspapers, I'll keep you posted.

God, the NY legislature thinks if we just pour enough money in, SUNY will magically become as good as the UC system. They want to create 3 new law schools at once? Do they realize how hard it is to hire good faculty? There is no way they are going to be able to find that enough competent academics on the job market for all 3 at once.


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Maybe they can hire completely unqualified people instead...

Like me  ;D
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Chief justice Earl Warren wasn't a stripper!
Now who's being naive?

Great, 3 more like CUNY Law

Maybe they can hire completely unqualified people instead...

Like me  ;D

Now, see, this would be the perfect time to get into academia!
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Great, 3 more like CUNY Law

I am not in favor of the plan to open new law schools here (at least not while so many private schools are open), but what, exactly, is your problem with CUNY?  I'll take your opinion with a grain of salt since, IIRC, you were not even aware that the school has been using letter grades since 1999.
That's cool how you referenced a case.

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CUNY Law is actually a really good school for people who want actual hands-on training in a public interest career... and CUNY feeds students to public interest employers.
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