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beach bum:
How is life at NCCU? I know that the campus is not in the best of neighborhoods. Is there decent housing and jobs close by for spouses? How is the overall experience there? I just got accepted and appreciate any info. Thanks.

NCCU is located in the triangle area (Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill). So, it's a prime location to find a (good) job, lots of big and medium sized companies, schools etc.....very nice place for young singles or for raising a family. Not gonna lie...Central is not in the best of neighborhoods but it is what it is. Nevertheless, its a great school and I made the right decision to attend. .....just finished my first year:)

I forgot you asked other q's.....there is PLENTY of housing in the area, for affordable prices as well. Overall experience on a scale of 1-10...a solid 9, a few annoyances here and there but in general the professors care a great deal and my fellow classmates are great people...can not complain about much!....


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