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NYC Tier 3 to ?????

NYC Tier 3 to ?????
« on: April 21, 2008, 01:25:49 PM »
Hello All,
I am a 1L at a Tier 3 in NYC looking at the possibility of transferring. I was somewhere in the top 5-10% first semester based on last years numbers. I would consider transferring to a few Boston or D.C. schools, but  I am not particularly interested in leaving NYC. If I stay in the top 15% I would grade onto law review, get an increase in my scholarship, work an externship with a SDNY judge, and be part of an "Honors Program". I am interested in corporate litigation and other business related areas of the law. I would like to practice in NYC and am not exactly hell-bent on biglaw, but may want that opportunity.  Basically, I am looking for any feedback regarding what schools I should consider transferring to after weighing the positives of staying at my current school.  I chose my current school over a few slightly higher ranked schools for personal reasons, its location and scholarship offer. I am aware of the limited success of Tier 3 graduates in a market as flooded as NYC especially during this economy. How beneficial is it to transfer to a slightly higher ranked school and start all over? Does the benefit of graduating from a slightly higher ranked school outweigh the benefits of staying at my current school (law review, $$$, Honors Program)? How much higher ranked of a school would tilt the scale in favor of transferring? Thanks for any insight and please keep all TTT jokes to a minimum.


Re: NYC Tier 3 to ?????
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First, congrats on your success so far. Second, stop posting and go back to studying as soon as possible :) As to transferring, top 5-15% at a T3 would make you competitive at Fordham, GW, BU, BC and a lock (practically) at Cardozo, Brooklyn and American. If you are at 5% or better, you would be competitive at NYU, Columbia and GULC. In addition, if you are in that 5-10% range, I recommend applying to other T14 schools. Even if you eventually decide not to leave the Eastern seaboard, at least the option would be available to you. Also, check at It provides lots of information on transferring.

Good luck!