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Application Fee Waivers

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Re:  Application Fee Waivers
« Reply #10 on: March 03, 2003, 05:00:18 AM »
Just as an addendum to this discussion, I received a fee waiver from IU-Bloomington and a letter saying I would be competitive for merit scholarships, etc. Well, I applied and ended up on the wait list! I thought the fee waiver meant I had a good chance, but guess I was wrong, although wait-listed is marginally better than rejected.


Re:  Application Fee Waivers
« Reply #11 on: March 07, 2003, 02:05:43 AM »
A lot of people on the PR board said that they were offered fee waivers and 'eligible for scholarship' letters and were rejected...people with GPAs in the 2.0-3.0 range and LSAT 150-160 were getting them from NWU and Chicago!  People say it's because schools want to decrease the admittance rate to improve their rankings...pretty lame


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Re:  Application Fee Waivers
« Reply #12 on: September 06, 2003, 03:34:18 PM »
This is an unfortunate occurance and this is sad but true.  I disagree with this approach. In fact the ultimate irony is that many of the top 20 schools admissions comittees and directors have spoken out against the "unfair ranking system" but sure enough in their catalogs they use the "Once unfair raning system" to compare themsleves or pat each other on the back for thier schools historical accomplishments, in a word, lame, covers my response as well.  ::)

Re: Application Fee Waivers
« Reply #13 on: February 17, 2004, 08:23:12 PM »
I got one of the waivers from George Mason
and Florida Coastal. Technically, FL Coastal is free if you apply online, still a nice gesture.


Re: Application Fee Waivers
« Reply #14 on: February 20, 2004, 10:21:17 AM »
I got close to twenty fee waivers.  Unfortunately, most of the are from schools you couldn't pay me millions to attend.  The only one I used was from Baylor, because they are the top school in the second tier.  I'm still waiting to hear from them.