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Re: Score swings
« Reply #10 on: August 25, 2005, 03:36:46 PM »
Much more cordial. You seem to be holding the 3.16 against me (which is understandable), so let me qualify it: I failed out my first year (standard story, laziness/partying/bad adjustment), which I spent at a good school on a large scholarship. Ive tried to avoid mediocrity ever since, and, so far, Ive done a good job. I'll be graduating this year with honors, with a publication, and fairly significant work experience. In sum, I hold myself to the highest standards, because I know Im capable of the highest standards and wont be satisfied with much else. The original post does sound pretty grim, but its a bit of hyperbole. My scores are consistent enough that Im not real worried about having a swing on the real deal. I was just shocked when it happened, and it certainly made me consider the chance of its occurrence come test day (which doesnt seem to be all that uncommon).


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Re: Score swings
« Reply #11 on: August 25, 2005, 03:45:08 PM »
I feel like quitting. My last 5 practice tests went 168,168,168,168,171. Last night - 163. Had it been the real deal, I wouldnt be going to law school. (Ive got a 3.16) It wasnt a bad night or anything, I just caught some tough breaks on top of the usual mistakes. Anyone else experience this? The gravity of this test and the possibility of an 8 point swing scares me to death.

You may want to reconsider why you want to go to law school in the first place if an 89th percentile score on the LSAT will turn you off completely.

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Re: Score swings
« Reply #12 on: August 25, 2005, 09:13:08 PM »
your story will really help adcoms view of your gpa. I have a 3.2, but thats from 3.41 from my first two years, and a 2.9 for my last two. My gpa will be much harder to justify. Law schools mostly like improving students, or at least some do. I'm hoping the ones im applying to wont care.

at any rate, sorry if I pissed you off at all, good luck with everything and be excited, your numbers are good!


Re: Score swings
« Reply #13 on: August 27, 2005, 09:07:55 AM »
I've said it before on here, my future is probably going to depend on one logic game. I.e. if there is one I totally can't do, I am screwed.

i felt the same way going into it... but now im kinda pissed that they were so easy in june since it killed the curve... but yea, i think everyone has had a run-in with a game or two or like 6 in my case where they just couldn't figure out how to approach it effectively in the limited time available... my mindset was to go in realizing that i was just going to have to do well enough everywhere else to absorb this possibility and then be very confident in my ability to focus and slice up the games... while they were much easier than i could've hoped for, i got 100% on the June games... which was my biggest concern going into the test... my advice would be to master all the strategies for approaching the games in the LGB and then just be confident!! (and of course, practice practice practice)