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advantage of being a minority

Re: advantage of being a minority
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you can say that again...

Thansk for twisting words. I think merit is BETTER than gonig on ANY AA, I don't like AA at all, I was just merely saying if we HAD TO have it, it should be based on socioeconomic means.

vin, I know it is hard...but what is merit in your opinion?

Merit is your accomplishments, ie your GPA SAT LSAt scores, all the number things. But also activities you have participated in, and anybody can join activities in school.
Even if your school doesn't have, say, a wrestling team and you want to wrestle, you can join neighboring school's teams. My school didn't really have a band so I joined two local high school bands, all you need to do is ask.
Merit is things that often show up on resumes, job experience you have had, things like that.
Leadership, involvement, commitment, and dedication.

Wake up from la-la land......  Swat07 is right - this is totally idealistic.

I can see why you're against AA - you seem to believe that in 2005, everyone of every race is dealt the same hand of cards in American society; although the civil rights movement fought to give folks equal rights, it's amazing to me that you think that everyone truly truly has equal opportunites in this society, and do not experience race based limitations. As I have said before, sure we all can drink of out the same drinking fountaintoday, but the good ol' boys network ain't dead yet.