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TM Lesson Seven LR

TM Lesson Seven LR
« on: August 07, 2005, 09:33:14 PM »
As air breathing mammals, whales must once have lived on land and needed hind limbs capbale of supporting mammal's weight.  Whales have the bare remnants of a pelvis.  If animals have a pelvis, we expect them to have hind limbs.  A newly discovered fossilized whale skeleton has very fragile hind limbs that could not have supported the animal's weight on land/  This skeleton had a partial pelvis.

If the statements above are true, whcih one of the following, if also true, would most strongly support teh conclusion that the fragile hind limbs are remnants of limbs that land-dwelling whales once had?

a.) whale bones older than the fossilized hind limbs confirm that ancient whales had full pelvises.

Why is this the right answer??  Can anyone tell me?  Thanks