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Re: June 2004 Games Section
« Reply #40 on: June 17, 2004, 08:27:42 AM »
That's a very good point, ALL; don't take all this banter _too_ seriously, not matter what happens, each of us has a better idea of how we did than anyone here could tell you.  That being said, I enjoy talking (or commiserating) about the test with ppl on this board so I will continue to do so.

nobody is putting on blinders.  I am just considering that the probability that Skittles, Thalky and myself were all completely fooled on this game is not likely.

i agree...its probably not likely that you guys were fooled.  like i said, you are all smart folks.  and im sure you all did very well. 

all im saying is that the POSSIBILITY is there.  and though i never accused any of you specifically of putting up blinders, but honestly, i think you i guess im now accusing you.  but thats just me.  but hey, i could be wrong...lets hope that i am.  all i want people to see is that this board is not full of people who know for sure the answers to the lsats.  i dont want people to discount their scores or think that they scored badly because of a few people who are so sure of their answers.  its not fair to those who dont know for sure.  what if they cancel their score based on the info here and they ended up being right?  what if they didnt cancel their score and ended up being wrong and scoring terribly? 

my bad if you took offense to my statement.  i just wanted people to see that they should stop all this comparing answers because it can only add to stress and cause test takers to do things that they may regret later.  no one is an authority on the lsats here.  no one knows the answers.  i just dont think its fair for people to say that they are 'absolutely sure' of certain answers or 'that answer is incorrect because i know for sure...and harriet and ozzie got the same answers as well'.