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What is a usual stating salary graduating from T2 LS?

What is a usual stating salary graduating from T2 LS?
« on: August 01, 2005, 03:19:17 PM »
I'm writing my LSAT on oct and I can't decide whether to attend LS in the states or back in Canada.  My main concern is that in canada, LS weigh GPA and LSAT by 50/50 whereas in the states GPA usually account for only 20% in the entry consideration.
As well, Canadian LS are definetely cheaper, usually costing around $9,000CDN.  As well, I have a high GPA, so I can see myself attending any canadian lawschool EXCEPT for University of Toronto if I were to score around 158-160.

Yet, U.S. being the U.S., it is the biggest economy in the world.  It seems like there are so much more opportunity here, and studying at the U.S. would be a great new start for me. 

My biggest concern is that I do not think that I could score in the high 160s to attend a very prestigious LS.  My realistic aim is scoring around 157-158 or 160 if I were to be very lucky. I know that I would have very limited shot at a top 50 LS.  My question is that, if I score 158, and with my GPA being around 3.64, if i were to attend the best school available for me with that stat, what would be a realistic starting salary that I would make?  I know this could very a lot by where I actually practice and the type of job I receive, but I would like to know a general figure. 

Additionally, would it be a better idea to just attend a Canadian LS, which doesn't have an established ranking, or study at U.S. LS despite not attending a top 50 LS?

Thanks guys.

Re: What is a usual stating salary graduating from T2 LS?
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2005, 03:31:40 PM »
The truth is that where you study should be determined above all where one wants to practice. If you want to practice in Canada studying in the states makes life difficult, and given the nature of Canadian law going to a (relatively) low ranked U.S law school will be of no help. OTOH is you want to work in the U.S your options are substantially more open (provided you study in the states). Canadian schools have fairly decent reputations in the U.S (generally speaking-well none are ivy, none are terrible) but unless I was going to get in to U of T, if one really wants to work in the U.S, study in the U.S.

IMO going to Osgoode is far better then going to a T2 school in the U.S-the quality of the education would be superior (and the job prospects better too-Osgoode's Canadian rep certainly beats a T2 in the U.S). But my advice above still applies.


Re: What is a usual stating salary graduating from T2 LS?
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You can expect a minimum of 50k at a small firm in even a small market.  If you do well at a t2 (say top 25% and law review to be safe), especially one in a major market, you have a chance to make 75-100 without too much hassle finding a job.