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Taking It Again In October?


Taking It Again In October?
« on: June 16, 2004, 12:40:34 PM »
I felt I had a sub-par personal performance. Mainly because I had studied so long and hard for it and got totally nervous and stressed out. I was nauseous a week before the exam and almost puked the day of the exam (a couple gags the morning before the exam).

I'm going to keep my score and take it again in October. If I were to cancel my score I know i'd be even more stressed and freaking out in October. But now, I can go into the October test knowing that I can't do any worse than my June score b/c if I feel bad on the October test I can cancel it. That will make me much less stressed out and likely to have a better personal performance.

Also, I plan to study less. Just study a bit in my spare time. Hopefully, the principle of "less investment equals less stress" will pan out for me.

What's your plan?